RP, Bundy, SX


I smile softly at your words, enjoying the way you feel so close to my body, loving the way you look at me and the way your hands feel as you run your fingers through my hair. “Hmm..I’d say that’s good because you’re not going anywhere Mrs. Bundy, I’m holding you hostage with me forever and that’s final.” I kiss you and smile again, loving every second of our moments together.

I smile into your kiss, allowing my fingers to begin trailing down from your hair, eventually coming to rest against your cheek as a soft hum of contentment escapes me. “Mmmm… I won’t have to pretend I’m not enjoying myself, will I, Mr. Bundy?” I tease, gently nuzzling your nose with my own before leaning in to kiss you again, beginning to laugh softly the moment I pull away. “I mean, I’m a decent actress, sure… but no one is that convincing.”


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