RP, Bundy, SX


I shake my head huffing as you press my fingers inside of you, loving the way you feel on them. I breathe heavily “fuck..yes..let me in baby” I say deeply and needy, my hands moving even quicker before quickly leaning down and massaging and pushing into your tip with my tongue, groaning as I do. “You taste so damn good” I say as my fingers press in deeper, pushing up every so often, watching you writhe as I do. My hand moving quickly over my length, throbbing and dripping, desperately needing more. “Mmm I need you” I say as my tongue dips down, rolling over your flesh with wet ease, tasting you, craving the way it feels to be deep inside of you.

I inhale sharply as I feel the wet warmth of your tongue sliding in against my clit, my legs parting even further, hips arching up to meet you again, pressing my wetness against your mouth as I watch you from above, throbbing with desire. “Mmmm… I bet I feel even better,” I manage teasingly, letting out another soft moan as I feel your fingers pressing into me deeper, tips angling upward as I begin grinding my clit against your tongue, my fingers gently tangling in your hair, breath coming in heavy, uneven bursts now, my body desperate for the sensations that only you awaken within me as our eyes meet once more, half-lidded and full of lust. 

“Fuck… come here, baby…” I pant, loosening my grip as I gesture for you to move in closer, breath hot and heavy against your skin as I finally feel you settle over top of me again, pinning me beneath the weight of your body without any effort at all. I kiss you softly but passionately, tasting myself on your tongue as your tip presses in against my entrance, your precum mixing in with my own fluids, seeping into my wetness and quickening my pulse as you silently beg me for entry once more. “Oh, Teddy… make love to me,” I whisper breathlessly, my legs wrapping around your waist and pulling you in closer as I throb beneath you, feeling your tip just barely slipping inside me, desperate to feel all of you at once.


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