RP, Bundy, SX


I laugh even harder “at least someone feels for the fool” I say still laughing. “Someone has to..with that girlfriend and oh..“I chuckle as she grabs the purse and whacks him with it. I explode into more laughter as I fumble for my wallet, pulling out a 20 dollar bill and handing it to you. "You were right” I say laughing even more, moving to your side of the bench, kissing you through fits of laughter as the waiter looks down before scrambling to apologize even more as the woman storms from the building. I kiss you through laughter as the management screams “Hugh! Over here now!”

I watch as the old woman finally picks up her purse, hauling off and smacking the clumsy waiter with it before erupting into another fit of laughter, watching you as you pull a twenty dollar bill from your wallet and hand it over to me. "Come on, have I ever given you a reason to doubt me?” I tease, my lips curling into a sly grin as I fold the twenty and pretend like I’m about to tuck it into my bra, pulling the fabric of my partially unbuttoned shirt aside and exposing a bit more skin as I watch you. I giggle at your expression soon after, scooting over to give you some room as you approach my side of the booth and sit down beside me. “I don’t want your money, baby…” I begin softly, sliding my hand into the pocket of your jeans along with your twenty, “…but you on the other hand?” I tease, leaning in to kiss you as my hand rests against your thigh, still inside your pocket. “Mmmm… yes, I think I have the perfect spot for you right over…” I say, trailing off for a moment as I lean toward you, brushing my lips against yours before whispering, “…here,” and moving in to kiss you again, softer this time, lingering for a moment until the sound of shrieking finally pulls us apart again in a fit of laughter. 

“Boy, I hope the cook’s girlfriend didn’t break up with him too,” I manage between giggles, laying my head against your shoulder as I watch the old woman storm from the building. “Imagine what’d happen to our food.” I lean up toward you again, planting soft little kisses against your lips this time, smiling and giggling into each and every one of them, both of us jumping back a bit when we hear the management yell for the now-sulking waiter. “Hugh? What kind of name is Hugh? No wonder he can’t keep a girl interested in him,” I say, beginning to laugh even harder, falling over on you now as my sides begin to ache again.


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