RP, Bundy, SX


watch you for awhile, sleeping softly next to me, your face akin to an
angel, a sunburst, a growing fire in the embers of my heart, which  has
never beated to hard until I met you. I sigh happily before very
carefully and slowly creeping from our nest, down the stairs and to the
phone. At least an hour or two pass, maybe more, with me quietly and
quickly running through everything, running through the night to give
you a beautiful morning. I finally make my way back into the room we’re
sharing and find myself stopping in the doorway to just stare at you,
admire you. I sink for a moment, falling in ice cold water that both
numbs and shocks my senses. My breath drops when you make a content
mumble and I crawl back into bed with you, taking you closely to me,
holding you as I softly kiss your forehead again, being careful not to
wake or disturb the sleeping beauty I’ve dreamed of my entire life.

I find myself drifting off to sleep, your body entwined with mine yet
again as your breath feels hot and heavy on my neck. I smile and close
my eyes, my mind filling for once with visions of a brighter, better
tomorrow, even if shaded with the cloud, the rain, I have carried most,
if not all of my life. But none of that matters at this  moment, with
you so close and so wonderful. I fall asleep happily, feeling content,
safe, and cared for, completely amazed that this could happen to me.

The sun finally begins to peek through a menagerie of red and orange
clouds, birds tweet  softly outside of the window as I begin to stir,
opening my eyes to look at you still safely sleeping next to me. The way
your night shirt is slipped slowly up, revealing just tender, milky
parts of  your body, and the way your face  looks a content  kind of sad
as  you  sleep, catches my breath. I smile and kiss the center of your
face, near the bridge of your nose, partly between your  eyes. “Wake up
my beautiful girl, we’ve got a long day” I say to you softly, my voice
vibrating next to you.

I begin to stir as I feel your lips pressing softly against my skin, your voice causing a warm smile to appear on my face before I even open my eyes. “Mmmm… no,” I pout, finally opening them to look at you, a chorus of soft giggles filling the room as I see your expression, immediately moving in to kiss you afterward. “What if I just want to stay here and make love to you all day long, hmm?” I tease, leaning in to kiss you again, my fingers trailing softly along your cheek and jawline as a soft hum of contentment escapes me. I rest my forehead against yours for a moment before nuzzling my nose against yours, allowing my fingers to gently thread through your hair with a smile on my face.


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