RP, Bundy, SX


let out an almost whistle, unable to do anything but immediately stand
up, you in my arms, as we walk from the kitchen, to the stirs. I throw
you on the bed, kicking open the door again, before I quickly  crawl
over next to you. “mmm, my bad bad girl, bring it” I huff, biting my

I watch you for a moment as you crawl into bed beside me, my eyes full of desire as I take you in, studying every inch of you before I reach in, undoing the button and zipper on your pants with ease. I help you toss them aside, quickly inching down the bed shortly after, my hands immediately reaching in to remove you from your boxers as I watch you. “Oh you already know what I can do, baby…” I tease, my hand reaching out to wrap around your length as my eyes glance down to take you in. “Mmmm… but I suppose there’s no harm in refreshing your memory, now is there?” I wink at you, smiling seductively as I lean down, allowing my tongue to swipe out to taste you, my lips wrapping around your tip shortly afterward before I begin to take you in my mouth.


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