RP, Bundy, SX


bite my lip for a moment, groaning as I feel you let loose, your nails,
your body, all of it digging in. I grab you, moving with you more
quickly now “that’s my bad girl” I huff, grabbing your face and pulling
you in to kiss you, groaning as you fill my mouth, I bite your lip
gently before breaking away. I look at you, in  traance only reserved
for you “play with me” I say in a deep tone, grabbing you and pulling
you down on me even harder.

My nails dig into your back, gripping you tightly, though not hard enough to draw blood, my hips rising and falling to the frantic pace we’ve now set for one another. “Mmmm… you wanna play, baby?” I tease, leaning in to whisper in your ear before my lips move to press against your neck, tongue sliding out momentarily to taste you as a devilish grin appears on my face. “Well then…” I say softly, my tone deep and tinged with lust, teeth sinking into your neck with a bit of force behind it, hips rolling again as I begin grinding down against you harder with every down-thrust, pulling you deeper inside me. “Let’s play.


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