RP, Bundy, SX


groan and place my arms on the sides of you, moving in deeper now, my
pace picking up just slightly as you wrap around me. “I want to feel all
of you” I huff as I move within you. I look down at you, my eyes
meeting yours, intense and connected. I bend down very slowly, my tongue
meeting your flesh as I begin to suck and lick at your chest, your
neck, your breasts. My breath heavy “you taste so good” I whisper, my
mouth still exploring you as I begin to move a bit faster again, yet
still gentle and sensuous in my thrusts.

My legs lock a little bit tighter around your waist when I hear your speak, my hips rolling up in time with your thrusts, body pulling you in deeper as my fingers desperately tangle in your hair. “Oh, baby… you feel so good,” I manage, my free hand sliding along the curves of your back, taking in every inch of you as your tongue slides across my nipple. “Fuck… I can’t get enough of you,” I say breathlessly, my fingers grasping at your hair and pulling you up to me for a hungry, almost desperate kiss.


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