RP, Bundy, SX


smile and pull over quickly, looking at you as I motion you to come sit
on my lap for a moment, which the sight of you climbing over the gear
makes me chuckle. “Nothing will ever happen to me, nothing bad anyway” I
say smiling sweetly at you before kissing you again. “How could I ever
lose you?” I say, kissing  your face and then your neck and back up
again. “Forever means forever” I say moving my head to imply
extra emphasis. I kiss you again, warmly, softly, with passion and
gusto. I breath out heavily “whoo, we better get driving again or we’ll
never make it to my mother’s, and I believe we have a bed frame on the
roof that is just dying to be together…or at least I’m dying for it to be put together” I chuckle, kissing you once again.

I quickly unbuckle my belt and climb into your lap, making sure to avoid the gear shifter on the way over. “I hope you’re right,” I say softly, my fingers threading through your hair as I kiss you with passion enough to drive my deepest fears away. “I couldn’t bear the thought of anything else.” I lean my forehead against yours for a moment, smiling and taking in the reassuring warmth and comfort that our closeness provides before laughing at your comment and kissing you once more. “You’re right, we still have a little way’s to go yet… and I am looking forward to getting home tonight,” I tease with a wink before carefully crawling back into the passenger seat and buckling my belt again. “No comment aside from that, or… as you put it… we’ll never make it to your mother’s.”

I laugh as you begin to take off again, clicking on the radio to help keep us company on the remaining drive over. “A little mood music never hurt anybody,” I say with a smile, feeling much better than I did just minutes ago. I begin flipping through the stations, and eventually settle in on a station that’s playing one of my favorite songs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COiIC3A0ROM). I turn it up and look to you with a bright, beaming smile as I reach over and take your hand again. “Of all the things to come on… it must be a sign.”


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