RP, Bundy, SX


groan and bite your shoulder slightly as I throb and pulse within you,
filling you quickly. I let out a low groan, my mouth still on your
shoulder as a thrust a few times more slowly, my breath heavy, my legs
tense wrapped within yours. I release my bite and kiss you
again, “mhmmm” I chuckle breathlessly. I look at you, moving the sweaty
hair from your forehead before resting my head on your chest a moment,
silent as we both struggle to catch our breath.

I cry out a touch too loudly, trying to stifle my scream as I feel your teeth sink into my shoulder, your body releasing within me and filling me with your warmth as I continue to tremble, clinging to you and holding you close as we both begin to come down a bit, lost in each other’s arms in the driver’s seat of your car. “Mmmm…” I moan softly, feeling you collapse to my chest as my arms loosen up their grip on you slightly. I lean down and gently press a kiss to the top of your head I lay there with you, struggling to catch my breath as I laugh a little in disbelief. “Wow… that was…” I say breathlessly, trailing off with a shake of my head. “I’ve never done that in a car before.”


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