RP, Bundy, SX


exhale, the feel of you against me making me throb “why don’t we find
out?” I ask with a smirk. I trail a hand up your body, my fingers
crawling inch by inch before reaching your head, I pull you down,
pushing up against you with my groin, begging for entry as I kiss you,
my tongue filling your mouth, wrestling with yours. I slide one hand
down in between us, letting myself free from my boxers before grabbing
your behind and pushing you over my erection, beginning to slowly drip
as I wait to feel you.

I kiss you deeply, my tongue tasting you and sliding against yours as my right hand trails along your neck, my wetness nearly dripping as I hover over you, aching to feel you inside me again. “Mmm… I would never doubt you,” I say softly, licking my lips as I look up and into your eyes. I slowly begin to sink down inch by inch, taking you in without effort as my lips part, and a soft exhale escapes from them. “You make me so wet,” I whisper, slowly grinding my hips down against yours as we begin to move together. I slide my lips across yours again, kissing you with a satisfied “mmmm” whenever I feel you pressing into me, a lazy sort of deep rhythm settling over us as I ride you.


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