RP, Bundy, SX


chuckle “It does sound like quite the idea” I say looking lovingly at
you. I pull you closer “And I love you” I say chuckling. “I have an
idea” I say before leaning off the bed “hold my feet” I laugh. I reach
to the corner, grabbing my pants with just the tip of my finger before
reeling them in and moving back on the bed. I open the pack and hand you
a cigarette, lighting it for you as I chuckle “there, you didn’t have
to take your hands off me” I say smiling, lighting my own cigarette.

I giggle at your idea, my hands wrapping around your feet as you lean off the bed, my thumbs gently massaging your soles as you reach for the the pack. I quickly release them when you move back, smiling at you as you hand me the
cigarette before putting it in my mouth and waiting for you to light it. “My hero,” I tease, taking a quick drag and exhaling off to the side. “Whatever will you think of next?” I wink at you, gently bumping your shoulder with mine. I watch you closely as your lips wrap around the cigarette, and sigh softly before taking another drag myself.


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