RP, Bundy, SX


“I pay attention to everything about you” I say looking down
smiling “like how your nose crunches up just a bit when you laugh, or
how when you’re really proud of something you start smiling the biggest
smile, or how you always wait until I fall asleep before you do, and
then every morning you pretend to be asleep until I come near you..I
notice it” I say, shyly looking at you smiling. I kiss you again “if we
want to be in our home tonight, we better” I say, putting out my
cigarette and handing you the ash tray.

I blush as I listen to you speak, watching your expression change as you relay everything to me, noticing perhaps for the first time just how much I seem to mean to you.

When I kiss you this time I linger softly, my thumb brushing against the top of your knuckles as I smile against your lips. “I always wait until you fall asleep because your heart rate steadies out a bit,” I say, slightly self-conscious of myself as I explain. “I fall asleep that way, listening to the sound of it… it makes me feel safe.”

I put the cigarette out in the ashtray, and wait for you to set it down on the nightstand before I lean in again and kiss you, my now-free hand cupping your cheek as my thumb traces a soft line across your jaw.

“’Our home’ has a nice ring to it,” I admit, smiling as I resign myself to packing once again. “Alright, you’ve convinced me… show me where the bags are, boss.”


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